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What is Photovoltaic Solar Energy?


Photovoltaic solar energy is a source of energy that produces electricity of renewable source, obtained directly from the solar radiation by means of a semiconductor device called photovoltaic cell, the generation of electric energy will depend on the hours In which the sun shines on the solar panel, the type and number of installed modules, orientation, inclination, solar radiation captured, quality of the installation and the nominal power.


What is the useful life of a solar panel?


The new models of solar panels that exist in the market have a guarantee fo 25 years, however it is considered that they can have a useful life of up to 40 years, its performance decreases 0.7% each year.

What is Off-Grid System?

An autonomous photovoltaic system refers to a system that is not connected to the mains. The electricity that it produces comes exclusively from the energy generated through photovoltaic cells. These types of systems store excess energy in batteries. In this system the inverter allows to transform the energy of the batteries (DC) to alternating current (AC) in order to be able to be used.


What is a Solar Inverter?


The function of the inverter of a photovoltaic system is to convert the direct current of the solar panels to alternating current to synchronize the network.


What is On-Grid System?

Its main feature is the direct connection of the photovoltaic solar generator to the existing grid, so that as long as energy is generated during the day, if the electricity consumption at specific moment is less than the energy delivered by the solar system, surpluses are generated to the grid, producing not only significant savings that will be reflected in your monthly electricity bill but the possibility of negotiating energy that is not self-consuming. No battery bank is used, so the system is less costly.

Why is clean energy?: AIt is a system of energy production excluding any pollution or manage appropriately the hazardou waste for our planet.

What is a Hybrid System?

A hybrid solar photovoltaic system is a combination of solar energy with other systems of electricity generation, in order to be able to integrate energy sources in the best way.

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