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The current energy generation in Colombia is 70% dependent on water resources, which due to climate change, it generates a high risk providing electricity. And 30% dependent on fossil energies, which are expensive and generate high pollution to the environment.

As part of our expansion, we plan to make strategic partnerships with the best international companies with worldwide experience in design, development, construction, operation and maintenance in PV projects with the clear objective of positioning ourselves strong in the local market. Generation of solar electric helps Colombians to accelerate the process of energy transition towards sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy generation

In SUNCOL ENERGY we are searching big extensions of land, which are near the interconnected zone. If you own a land and you are interested in entering to the renewable energy business, here are defined the requirements:


Topographic Conditions:


  • Grounds preferably flat. It does not mean that they cannot have some degree of inclination.
  • Lands that do not have large trees or structures that generate shade.
  • Grounds preferably solid and firm.
  • Lands that are not located in archaeological zones and / or protection state.
  • Areas from 5 to 40 hectares.


Legal conditions:


  • Own land, we do not lease land.
  • Grounds preferably free of successions.
  • Land legally free from land restitution processes.
  • Land free of foreclosures and / or outstanding debts with banks.


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Sustainable energy generation

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