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We offer integral EPC solutions in all phases of the photovoltaic solar plant.

1. Engineering: We design optimum photovoltaic systems that require the space to be implemented.

2. Project Management:We plan the whole process of advising, processing and managing your solar photovoltaic system.

3. Supply: We provide equipment and services according to the client's needs  .

4. Construction: We install and carry out tests to ensure that each part of the project operates within the design standards.




Suncol Energy performs:

Remote monitoring services of solar photovoltaic systems where the customer can know the status of their asset through specialized software providing a 24/7 monitoring.


Suncol Energy performs:

1. Preventive Maintenance: Where we ensure optimum operation of the different solar photovoltaic plants by inspection and verification of technical parameters.

2. Corrective Maintenance: Where we repair the different faults presented in the systems through monitoring.







Suncol Energy develops:

Electricity generation projects through solar energy from Green Field to Ready to Build.


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